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Ban errant millers – traders

MILLERS who are smuggling mealie meal into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) should have their licences revoked, Copperbelt Cross-border Traders have proposed.
Copperbelt Cross Border Traders and Integrated Business Association (CCBIBA) publicty and information Secretary, Poster Jumbe, said mealie meal smuggling was creating an artificial shortage of the commodity and pushing the prices high.
In an interview in Kitwe, Mr Jumbe said if there were millers who were involved in smuggling , they should be dealt with harshly.
“Yes, dealt with harshly including revoking their licences. We cannot have people going without food because of shortage of mealie meal when the shortage is artificial and being created by few selfish individuals.
“Some of these issues need to be dealt with in a precise and harsh manner. The selfishness of few individuals should not plunge the country into hunger,” Mr Jumbe said
Mr Jumbe also urged Government to expedite the programme of acquiring more hammer mills to start processing maize into mealie meal.
Government, he said, should encourage and motivate local Zambians to invest in the milling business.
“We should ensure that we invest in agriculture and produce more maize to make mealie meal.
If we are producing a lot of maize we will not be experiencing mealie meal shortages So let us be serious and ensure that we deal with some of these challenges, ” he said.

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