Dear Editor,
LET’S provide face masks for street kids and the blind people in Kitwe town.
As I was going through the city on Tuesday, I met some street kids who started saying “Tushitileniko bread (Buy bread for us).”
Then I realised, street kids can barely afford a meal in a day, so it’s now a gamble between food in the mouth or a mask and almost all of them would gamble with the risk of infection than the certainty of starvation.
A nation is judged by how much it cares about the most vulnerable in society. Let history be kind to us by our action of leaving no one behind.
Let’s contribute and produce about 100 face masks to give to street kids and the blind in Kitwe. He who gives out of a little that he/she has, gives the most.
Date of operation: Saturday, April 25, 2020.
Together we can.
Aluta Continue. Victory is certain.
President – Association of Unemployed Youths

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