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Vibrant youth in politics

IT is said that when you love what you do, you will be exceptionally diligent and excel in delivering both quality and quantity.
This can be said about the current ruling Patriotic Front provincial chairperson for Eastern Province, Andrew Lubusha.
Lubusha became the youngest Provincial Youth Chairman at the age of 25 and at 30, he was the youngest Member of the party’s Central Committee (MCC). The Daily Nation Lifestyle caught up with him to share his journey and motivation as a family person, businessman and Politician.
I was born in Kitwe on the 3rd of February from Barnabas Clement Mukuka Lubusha, a Bemba from Chinsali, Kasama and Olivie Misozi Lubusha a Ngoni/Chewa from Chief Mshawa and Chief Chanje of Chipangali District. I am the last born in a family of five, the first born is a lady and the rest are male though we lost our third born brother.
I started school in 1990 at Rokana Primary School then went to Kitwe Boys Technical School. Whilst in Grade 11, I moved to Chama High School where I completed from.
They say education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. I enrolled at Popota Tobacco Training College to pursue Agriculture training then later studied Public
Administration at the University of Zambia and did my Master of Business Administration with the University of Manchester. I am currently doing my dissertation in the same programme.
It is said that if you want something out of life you have to go out there and get it, because it is not just going to be given to you and Aushton Kutcher said ‘don’t settle for what life gives you but make life better and build something’.
I worked for Zambia Leaf Tobacco Company as a Clerk in 2002 and rose through ranks and files to the position of Senior Leaf Technician.
I also worked for Africa Leaf and Leaf Technician and Tobacco Association of Zambia as an Arbitrator before I founded my own Organisation Andrich Freight Company Limited in 2008.
This is a company which gave birth to series of companies now under the Umbrella Andrich Group of Companies.
Andrich Group is the Mother Company for Andrich Finance Corporation, Andrich Coach Services, Andrich Trucking Ltd, Misozi Memorial Real Estate, Andyges Logistics, Royal Orbit Chain of Lodges, Farmers Family Agro Dealers and Andrich Contractors.
I have so much passion for humanitarian responsibilities. I joined politics to be part of the solutions to our country’s economic challenges and be of help to the people of Eastern Province and the nation at large.
Leadership is about being a servant to the people you serve.
I joined the Patriotic front party in 2002 and served as Branch Chairman then served on a number of positions till I became the Chipata district youth Chairman in 2008.
In 2010, I became the youngest Provincial Youth Chairman at the age of 25 years.
In 2015, President Lungu appointed me as Provincial Chairman and Member of Central Committee a position I reaffirmed competence through an election in June 2019. I have also saved in various sub committees of the central committee such as Lands and natural resources, education, youth and sports, transport and communication and finance.
I became a Member of Central Committee at the age of thirty making me the youngest MCC.
When I took over the leadership of Eastern Province, we had a lot of infights but we stabilized the province and delivered 156 Councillors, 14 MPs, 1 Mayor, 13 Council Chairpersons and about 300,000 votes for President Lungu as opposed to the 4 MPs, 2 Councilors, Zero Council Chairpersons we had when I was taking over and the 88,000 votes my predecessor delivered for President Lungu hardly a year before I took over the leadership.
We managed to unite the province and prove that indeed it is a bedroom of the PF.
I am married to Ezzy Bili and we are blessed with two daughters and two sons.
My first born is Misozi who is 16 years old and is currently at Chengelo International School in grade 12.
The second born is Mukuka, 10 years of age and is in grade seven also at Chengelo International School.
my third born is Melayi, 6 year, and in grade one at Crown hill while my last born is Chagwa a three year old Pre-school pupil at Crown hill.
Balancing between family and politics has been a bit challenging but interesting.
When you become a politician, family to some extent loses and the public gains for a leader must always find time to solve challenges of his people and you know these challenges never end.
However, God has been so faithful to help with wisdom and a big heart to manage family, business and politics.
My goal is to see a better Zambia than the Zambia I found before I joined politics.
Zambia is already sitting on a fertile land for more development and I want to be part of that solution for a better and prosperous Zambia.
My closing remarks to the youths are life has no shortcuts, Robert Frost said, ‘the best way out is always through’.
Many times we are caught up in an unseemly situations, we usually look for the easy way out.
This quote by Robert frost serves us with a reminder that perhaps the best route in life is going through the problem, rather thangoing around it and as a result, you will find that good things begin to happen when you cease to delay and beat about the bush and take matters into your hands to resolve. Always believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.
Opportunities are always knocking.

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