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‘Frustrated’ Changala warned against attacking Lungu

BREBNER Changala’s incessant attacks on President Edgar Lungu are due to frustration because he campaigned for us in 2016 with the hope that he would be given a job and as his desires were not fulfilled, he has gone ballistic, says PF Lusaka Province Secretary Kennedy Kamba.
Mr. Changala, a human rights activist, has directed a political tirade at President Lungu, a number of times with the latest being his statement that no one wants the President anymore because of his incorrigible leadership marred with corruption.
But this has not settled well with the PF as Mr Kamba has now charged that Mr. Changala’s incessant but baseless attacks on the Presider had become too much.
In an interview yesterday, Mr. Kamba wondered what had changed overnight for Mr. Changala to align himself to the same opposition which he attacked day and night prior to the 2016 elections.
He said he was not surprised that Mr. Changala had continued attacking President Lungu because for him, politics was about personal gain and not provision of a service to the people and that he had expected to be given a job in Government after campaigning for the PF.

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