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Inciting people is anarchy – Kopulande

IT is a recipe for anarchy inciting people to rise against the legitimate Government, Cheembe Member of Parliament Sebastian Kopulande has said.
Mr Kopulande said the opposition calling for the people to rise against government must know that it would put the country on fire. He said in an interview yesterday, rising against a democratically elected government was not necessary because people can use the right procedures to dialogue.
He said the so-called increased cases of corruption being alleged by the opposition can be reported to the relevant authorities.
Mr Kopulande said all along people used relevant authorities to report such matters, stating that why should the opposition start encouraging people to engage in illegal activities. He said such activities can even risk the lives of many people resulting in deaths.
“Those talking about corruption if they really know people who are corrupt why can’t they report them so that action can be taken. Why should someone start encouraging someone’s child to engage in protests which can endanger their lives.
“The opposition must be reasonable enough and ensure that they do something which can better the country than encouraging violence,” Mr Kopulande said.
He advised youths especially, not to listen to the people who want them to risk their lives but instead engage in issues that can change their well-being.

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