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State enters nolle in suspected gassers’ case

THE state has entered a nolle prosequi in a matter in which 12 people alleged to be linked to a spate of chemical gassing incidences that the country experienced yearly this year.
The alleged gassers among them a village headman were charged with 16 counts of terrorism related charges.
Pheston Mwanza and others are alleged to have aided, abetted, concealed, procured, incited or solicited the commission of a terrorist act or proliferation in February this year.
The accused are also alleged to have committed terrorist acts intending to cause death or serious harm to about 14 people by releasing into the environment harmful substances.
When the matter came up in the High Court, before Judge Kazimbe Chenda, the state discontinued the matter through a nolle prosequi.
This was after Mwanza and his co-accused took plea and denied the charges.
The accused persons who are being represented by Keith Mweemba Advocates and Lastsone Mwanabo have since been discharged.
The gassing incidences sparked riots in different parts of the country and left about 40 people dead

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