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2 suspected Chinese killers committed to High Court


TWO youths who allegedly murdered three Chinese and set fire to a factory in Lusaka’s Makeni area have been committed to the High Court for trial by the Lusaka Magistrate court.

The calm looking youthful murder suspects arrived at court amid tight security where five counts of aggravated robbery, arson and murder were explained to them before being committed to the High Court.

The murder suspects Victor Kabaso, 22 and Henry Mudenda 18, both of Garden House area, were appearing before Magistrate Mwaka Makalilefor explanation of the charge. 

In the first count, they are charged with aggravated robbery involving a laptop and cash all valued at K36, 000.

In count two, three and four, the two are charged with murder while in count five the suspects are facing arson on a warehouse valued at K1, 000, 000 contrary to the laws of Zambia. 

It is alleged that the two, with other people unknown on   May 24, 2020, murdered 52-year-old Cao Guifang and her two male employees, Bao Junbin 58, and Fan Minjie, 33

The suspects also set on fire a warehouse before disappearing with a laptop and cash before they were apprehended by the police. 

Magistrate Mikalile explained that the Magistrate court had no jurisdiction to hear the matter and therefore committed the two to the High Court for trial at the next appearance.

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