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GOODS illegally imported into the country worth over K1 million have been destroyed in Chirundu by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) in an effort to stop the activities which harm the economy.

The items include various alcoholic brands, cigarettes, clear bulbs, tyres, sanitary pads, herbal medicines, cooking oil and mealie meal. 

ZRA Corporate Communications Manager, Topsy Sikalinda, said the destruction was in an effort to clamp down on illegal imports that harm the economy through unfair competition and price distortions.

Mr Sikalinda explained to journalists yesterday that these goods were hazardous to human health.  The goods, he said, were not fit for human consumption because they had either expired, were counterfeit or did not conform to the Zambian standards. 

“The Zambian economy need all citizens to join the ZRA in combating this vice. Illegal trade takes place through various mechanisms. 

“No smuggling will be tolerated through transit frauds, under declarations, under valuations, false representation, misclassifications or forgery,” Mr Sikalinda said.

He regretted that the devastating impact of illegal imports included import duties and value added tax due to ZRA were not paid, which is a loss to the economy.

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