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PF cadre caged 2 years for assaulting Lubinda


A PF cadre who assaulted Justice Minister Given Lubinda has been jailed two years with hard labour by the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court.
Martin Mambwe, a 38-year-old driver of Kalingalinga was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Mambwe was initialyy jointly charged with businessmen, Patrick Mubanga, 40, of Zambia Railways area, Major Chansa 35, of Misisi, Moses Mulenga 35, and Goodson Mwange, 45, of John Laing, with proposing violence or breaches of the law to assemblies but the other four were discharged during trial.

In the first count, it was alleged that Mambwe on July 12, this year, assaulted Mr Lubinda, thereby occasioning him actual bodily harm while in count two, it is alleged that on the same date, Mambwe proposed violence to Mr Lubinda by saying “we will beat you next time you step your foot in Kabwata Market.”

When passing judgement, Mr Mwale described the conduct by Mambwe to Mr Lubinda as barbaric.

He said the state had proved the case of assault against Mambwe beyond any reasonable doubt.
Mr Mwale said it was not in dispute that Mr Lubinda was at Kabwata Market on the day he was assaulted performing his duties as a member of Parliament and that it was a fact that he was assaulted at the said place as confirmed by the witnesses and the medical report that was issued
to him.

Magistrate Mwale also said the court was satisfied that Mambwe was at Kabwata market and slapped the minister contrary to his claim that he was not at the said premises at the time the crime was committed.

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