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HH conduct is clear corruption


HAKAINDE Hichilema’s conduct in the privatization of State Owned Enterprises is a clear case of corrupt practices, bordering on non-declaration of interest, if true that he sold public property to himself, Government has said.

Meanwhile, Chief Chikanta of Kalomo district has said Mr  Hichilema must explain  to Zambian people what he did during the privatisation process instead of being antagonistic.

This follows revelations by former Finance minister, Edith Nawakwi that the UPND president, Mr Hichilema as chairman of the privatization negotiating team for the sale of Mosi-o-Tunya Intercontinental Hotel, Rainbow Lodge and National Heritage Park, literally sold the entities to himself.Meanwhile, Chief Chikanta of Kalomo has said Mr Hichilema must explain what he did during the privatisation process instead of being antagonistic.

Chief Government spokesperson, Dora Siliya said Government was studying the matter and following closely the reaction of citizens.

Ms Siliya said Government would take action should it become necessary to act on behalf of citizens who were the true owners of the properties. “Government is disturbed by the revelations made by Ms Nawakwi a former minister of Finance in the government that implemented the privatisation of state-owned enterprises,” Ms Siliya said in a statement.

On a recent radio programme, Ms Nawakwi claimed that Mr Hichilema was “a confidence trickster who earns your trust and pounces on you.”

Ms Nawakwi, who is also Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president  has insisted that the sale of Mosi-O-Tunya Intercontinental, Rainbow Lodge and National Heritage Park was extremely fraudulent as leader of the privatisation negotiating team Mr  Hichilema did not disclose that he held shares in Sun International, the new  buyer of the hotel.

She said while Mr Hichilema accuses the PF leaders of being corrupt, his conduct in the privatisation process of the hotel and Luanshya Mines showed that he was more corrupt than any other leaders she knows.

And Chief Chikanta has said the UPND leader must not raise emotions whenever he was questioned over the matter.

Chief Chikanta said Mr Hichilema did take part in the privatisation process and it was prudent that he explained the role he played to the Zambian people.

He said in a statement issued yesterday, there was nothing sinister about Zambians questioning him because they had the right to scrutinise people vying for higher positions in the country.

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