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Mattress thief thrown behind bars


A MAN who stole a mattress from his neighbour’s house has been sentenced to 12 months in jail for the theft.
James Musonda, 34, a barber man was convicted by the Choma Magistrates Court for house breaking and theft.
Particulars of the offence are that Musonda on August 29 broke into Franklin Milumbe’s house and stole a mattress valued at K950.
When he was brought for plea before Senior Resident Magistrate Idah Mupemo, he admitted the charge.
Court: Have you understood the charge read to you?
Musonda: I’ve understood.
Court: Do you admit or deny?
Musonda: I admit.
Court: Did you break into the house belonging to Milumbe?
Musonda: Yes
Court: What did you use?
Musonda: It wasn’t locked, so I just pulled the lock.
Court: Did you take the Mattress?
Musonda: Yes.
Court: Did you have any justification?
Musonda: No
Court: Did you have any lawful authority?
Musonda: No
Court: Any claim of right?
Court: I record a plea of guilty.
According to the facts dictated by Senior Public Prosecutor Charles Chinzai, the accused person stole from the complainant’s house after he noticed that he was not home.
Upon returning to his house, complainant found his mattress missing and when he inquired from his neighbours he was told Musonda, his neighbor, was seen entering the house.
He later launched a manhunt and managed to apprehend Musonda at his aunt’s place with the mattress in Zambia Township of Choma.
Musonda asked for lenience and vowed never to repeat his criminal behaviour but Magistrate Mupemo sentenced him to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour to deter would-be offenders as the offence is on the upswing in the jurisdiction.

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