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OUR bodies were exhumed in the first quarter of this year in Kitwe in acts of criminality, the Kitwe City Council (KCC) has said.

The council has since warned of stern action against people who will be found exhuming bodies from any of the six cemeteries in the city.
According to the council, section 94 of the Public Health Act states that, “it shall not be lawful to permit the exhumation of anybody which may have been interred in any authorised cemetery, burial ground or other places without a permit granted.”
Council Public Relations Manager, Chola Mwamba said that all the four cases were recorded at Nakayombo cemetery, after Kamatipa Township and East of Ganerton.
“People should be aware that illegal exhumation of dead bodies for whatever reasons is unlawful, unacceptable and inhumane behaviour that the local authority cannot condone,” he said.
Ms Mwamba said that exhumation of dead bodies in Zambia could only be authorised for purposes of carrying out an enquiry or an au-topsy on the death of a person and transferring of a body from one burial site to another.
She said that that could however be only done through a lawful procedure.
Ms Mwamba explained that the local authority would commence a sensitization programme on the dangers associated with illegal exhuma-tion of dead bodies from cemeteries.
She appealed to all residents to refrain from loitering in cemeteries and tampering with burial sites of the deceased which she said was against the law.

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