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GOVERNMENT has suspended operations at Roseblooms Zambia in Chongwe for negligence.

Ministry of Labour and Social Security Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kaziya, said the decision followed investigations between August 31 and September 7, 2020 into an accident which occurred on August 15, 2020.
Mr Kaziya said “On the very day, Ireen Mupeta and other two workers was assigned to apply fungicide called Xanbac D in the field using a small cup thereafter the victim developed a rash on her hands and feet which was treated at a nearby clinic.
“The victim was not wearing any PPE as she carried out tasks assigned to her including the application of chemicals.”
He said in a statement yesterday, findings were that the farm did not have a person specifically responsible for health and safety and the general manager oversees most of the issues relating to health and safety.
Mr Kaziya said safety data sheets were not readily available and that those in place were kept with the farm manager.
There are 249 chemicals in use which can be categorised broadly as insecticides, herbicides and fungicides and workers working with these chemicals were not fully aware of the danger, he said.
“Personal protective equipment and clothing is not regularly provided for all employees and that only the spraying team is given regularly,” he said. Mr Kaziya said basing on the findings the ministry had suspended operations at the company and directed it to ensure that all activi-ties involving applications of chemicals were done only by employees wearing appropriate PPE.
Mr Kaziya said the ministry would undertake a follow up inspection within 14 days to ascertain the company’s compliance.

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