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TWO Police Officers who have been remanded in custody following the cell break out of eight suspects at Choma Central Police Station are yet to be charged. Sergeant Kapoba and Constable Nawa have been remanded in custody since Friday September 11, 2020 following the escape of 8 suspects out of 34 who were in custody that day. The two officers who are still in custody have been warned and cautioned pending further investigations. This was after their Docket was pushed to Southern Province Police Division Headquarters. Reliable information from an inside source is that the officers discovered the eight suspects had fled from the Cells around 05:00 hours during shift handovers. The source says no one knows how the locks were opened as the eight escapees among them murder suspects fled with the locks because the grill gate locking system is from inside the Cells and not outside. The source disclosed that one suspect of the eight who escaped has been apprehended and he was helping with investigations. Southern Province Police Commissioner Diamond Likashi is still reluctant to issue a statement and last time he was contacted he stated that he had no received such a report.

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