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Police summon Nevers Mumba

POLICE have summoned Movement for Multi party Democracy leader, Nevers Mumba for reportedly making allegations of election rigging in the Lukashya by-election.

Police have confirmed that Dr Mumba, who was summoned on Friday, would appear on Monday (tomorrow).
And Dr Mumba confirmed being summoned by police.
“Iam being summoned by police in connection with the revelations about the rigging incidence in Lukashya by elections,” Dr Mumba has said.
Dr Mumba was reportedly summoned on Friday but would appear on Monday (tomorrow).
And Dr Mumba said the national executive committee which claimed to disown him was illegal because the party only had one national executive committee which has blessing of the party leadership.
The opposition leader said “It is extremely important for the nation to portray to the outside world about freedom of expression and when an opposition leader expresses any aspect of governance system must be respected.
“There should never be an impression that the state through its organs tries to stifle the free expression of deep concerns either be of electoral process or the manner in which the issues of corruption are being handled,” he said.
“I think that the opposition leaders must be free to express themselves. As MMD and myself we are extremely encouraged that the Patriotic Front would like to take this to court because this will give an opportunity to the Zambian people to know the truth of what I said,” Dr Mumba said.
He told the Sunday Nation yesterday, he was very ready to meet the ruling party in court over the matter.
This was after the PF deputy secretary general, Mumbi Phiri said the party would consider court action against Dr Mumba over his rigging allegations, which she described as false and designed to mislead people.
Meanwhile Dr Mumba said the national executive committee which purported to disown him was illegal.
He said the party does not recognise the same committee as it was the Raphael Nakachinda function.
Dr Mumba said the statement by the said committee must be treated with the contempt it deserved.
He said that there was only one national executive committee which had blessings of the party.

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