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PS warns against underage registration

DO NOT drag underage children to acquire National Registration Cards all because of the elections, a top civil servant has warned
Southern Province Permanent Secretary, Mr Mwangala Liomba warned that those found facilitating for children under the age of 16 to acquire MRCs will be visited by the law.
“There are some who are bringing underage children, and that is why we have our Security Officers, Immigration and all other people to try and see how best we can ascertain on issues of age.
“We should not look at issues of NRCs from an election eye, elections come and go, but you may disadvantage somebody by forcing that particular person to be over age, because that will disadvantage that particular person in future,” he said.
Mr Liomba assured citizens that everything is in place and the issuance of Mobile NRCs is going smoothly after the centres received all the required materials .
He went on to say the numbers of NRC issuances will be released by the Minister in no time.
Mr Liomba was speaking during the Byta FM Radio Station Employee of the month award as Guest of Honour which saw the Stations Assistant Accountant Tom Siyumbano walking away with K2,000.

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