‘HH, Kambwili are shallow’

HAKAINDE Hichilema and his Alliance partner Chishimba Kambwili are shallow minded individuals who cannot be entrusted to propel an honest argument on the intention by ECZ to come up with a new voters’ register, PeP leader Sean Tembo has said.

Mr Tembo said the two should be ignored because their arguments lacked substance.
Speaking during a special programme on Diamond TV via Zoom, Mr Tembo said the two opposition leaders were deliberately misleading Zambians on the good intentions of ECZ to clean up the dead voters from the register in preparation for the 2021 general election.
Mr Tembo said the ECZ should ignore the “noise” that embattled politicians like Mr Hichilema and the NDC president, Mr Kambwili were making and focus on doing their job as mandated by the law.
He said the two opposition leaders were shallow minded, that they were bent on criticising Government regardless of whether something was positive or negative.
“These two individuals are simply making advance excuses for their potential loss in next year’s general election,” he said.
Mr Tembo said the reasons Mr Hichilema and Mr Kambwili were advancing did not hold any water and that the two were only bent on causing confusions in the electoral process so that they can blame rigging when they lose elections next year.
“The two know that what they are saying does not hold any water and only relying on the constitution provision that say that there shall be continuous voter registration but what they are failing to understand is that there are dead people on the current register which the ECZ is trying to resolve,” he said.
The UPND and NDC are opposed to the deletion of the old voter register and have accused the ECZ of planning to rig next year’s election in favour of President Edgar Lungu and the ruling party.

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