East PF unveil voter listing alert

THE Patriotic Front (PF) in Petauke has launched a voter registration sensitisation program in a bid for people to register in masses.

The PF district mobilisation committee says the aim is to ensure Petauke alone has 20, 000 registered voters in readiness for 2021 general elections. Mobilization coordinator Watch Banda has also called upon village headmen to be in the forefront in ensuring that once the voter registration exercise starts people in their respective villages register in numbers.
“I’m not being tribal here but let me give you an example of our brothers from Southern province. Once this (voter registration) exercise starts they will make sure within two days of it taking place more than 100,000 voters will be registered. If you think I’m lying check the 2016 voter register, Southern province is the highest with about a million plus registered voters,” Mr. Banda said.
Meanwhile Eastern Province mobilisation committee member Elias Daka has bemoaned the increase in voter apathy among registered voters in the region.
“I wonder why from 2006 as Eastern Province we haven’t been doing well when it comes to voter turnout in general elections and by- elections. It’s high time we pull up if we can achieve the vision ECL 2021,” Mr. Daka said.
He also urged headmen to ensure people register in numbers for the province to record a high voter turnout in the 2021 general elections. “If you have any problems please feel free to visit my office and express your displeasure and see how best we can solve your displeasure together,” he said.
Meanwhile different headmen are disappointed at the level senior PF members are sidelining them.

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