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K250,000 heist suspected mastermind faces judgement

The Choma Magistrates Court has set date of judgment for a man accused of being the mastermind of the heist that happened in Choma where close to K250,000 cash was stolen.

In this matter, Yona Mabala 38, a businessman, McCloud Milimo 38 a Driver, Mike Zulu a Taxi Driver, Martin Chembe Tembo 45 a Carpenter, Bright Makasa 46 a Bus Driver all of Lusaka, Brian Phiri 39 a Bricklayer of Ndola and Modern Maambo 34 a Taxi Driver of Chisekesi and Davie Banda stood charged with breaking into a Building and Committing a Felony therein.
Particulars of the offence are that the eight jointly and whilst acting together broke into the Office of Ludy Investments with intent to commit a felony and stole therein K247,940 Cash, a Safe and a Central Processing Unit all valued at K 376,440 the property of the named Ludy Investments.
The heist happened between 1st and 2nd June 2020 in Choma district of Southern Province.
When the eight appeared for plea before Court earlier, they all admitted to breaking into the Office and getting away with the cash and other items except for Maambo and Banda (alleged Mastermind) who strongly denied the charge.
The six were earlier sentenced to five years each with hard labour and trial for the other two commenced before Resident Magistrate Ethel Phiri after it was reallocated.
When the two appeared for continued defense, Mabala defended his friends by stating that they knew nothing about Heist and that Maambo was just used as a driver and paid K2,000 for his service.
Mabala in cross examination by Public Prosecutors Catherine Sakala and Charles Chinzai vehemently denied ever telling the Police that Banda was the mastermind of the Heist.
The matter will come up on October 16 for Judgment.

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