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Govt warns investors against displacing Zambians

GOVERNMENT will not allow foreign investors to displace Zambians from their pieces of land, Minister of Land Jean Kapata has warned.

A number of people between Lusaka and Kabwe have complained that they have been displaced by foreign investors.
Ms Kapata said that the ministry had been receiving a number of complaints from many Zambians being displaced from the places they lived for so many years.
The minister said that what was most shocking was that most of them were not fully compensated by the investors.
“Nobody, not even the government is allowed to displace people from their land. Even us as a ministry, before we give land to someone, we first of all conduct an economic social survey to find out who is living on that particular piece of land and what they are doing,” she said.
Ms Kapata said that the ministry also engages the owners of the land for compensation stating that others opted to vacate the areas while others would remain on grounds that they had been on the pieces of land for so long.
She said that full compensation was given to those who chose to leave, while those that opt to stay were not forced to leave the act she said should be happening in all cases.
Ms Kapata explained that this was the reason why the people should understand the new policy better, as no foreigner would be allowed to own land except those that were coming for investment.
“Government says no one should be displaced at the expense of investment and we arw calling on all those that have been displaced to come to my office and report so we that can act,” she said.

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