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THE repeated media calls for an uprising and recent discovery of arms in Kafue must put the nation on alert for those who dont mean well for the nation.

And Christian Democratic Party (CDP) president Danny Pule has warned that the discovery of buried guns in Kafue indicates a serious security threat that unscrupulous people are devising evil schemes which risk plunging the nation into pandemonium.
Dr Pule called on law enforcement officers to intensify their operations and ensure the evil plans were stopped before the country is plunged into chaos.
Lusaka Province Commissioner of Police, Nelson Phiri confirmed that an undisclosed number of firearms and ammunition were discovered buried in a sack in Kafue’s Soloboni compound.
Unconfirmed reports suggest that the guns were discovered near the home of a named opposition party official.
Dr Pule said unscrupulous people were up to no good but that their evil plans would not succeed.

“The discovery of stashed guns attests that evil plans are being planned but they will not succeed in this Christian nation. Any evil plans will be exposed. We just call on our police to intensify their operations,” he said.
According to Soloboni resident, Glenn Belemu who witnessed the recovery of the guns, the fire arms where found by young boys near the Kasenje Stream near Lee Yeast Zambia Limited in Kafue. He said that the guns, some with five rounds of ammunition were hidden in a sack near the stream.
Mr Belemu stated that the weapons were discovered by passersby who immediately alerted the authorities.

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