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THERE is nothing wrong with online pre-voter registration and UPND should be categorical and state their position and stop misleading the nation, United Liberal Party (ULP) president Sakwiba Sikota has said.

And Mr Sikota has challenged the UPND to state why they insist on having an old register which may have ghost voters.
Mr Sikota said those that are opposing pre-online voter registration have not taken time to look at what they are opposing.
“It is really unbelievable that some people can focus their energies opposing online pre registration when this is something that should not raise eyebrows,” Mr Sikota said.
He said online registration is optional and should not be made an issue.
Mr Sikota said online pre voter registration is a good thing as it will decongest registration centres.
He said it could have been wrong if online pre voter registration was the only option.
“There is no problem with that because it is optional. In fact it is very good initiative because it will decongest the registration centres,” Mr Sikota said.
He said those that are against online pre registration should come out clearly and state why they were against it.
He said there were some people who could not manage to go to the registration centres due to time but can have time to go to the centres to complete the process.
Mr Sikota said it was import for the opposition to understand that online registration is optional and those that are not comfortable with online pre registration can do physical registration.
He has advised the opposition to stop making issues out of non issues such as online pre registration and invalidation of the old register.
And Mr Sikota challenged the opposition to state why they are insisting on having the old voters’ register.
He said UPND is on the record of having taken ECZ to court of the same register in 2016.
“It is the same opposition that took ECZ to court in 2016 because they wanted a new register and today they want the same old one, so we do not know which is which, therefore they should tell the nation what they stand for,” Mr Sikota said.

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