Stage managing violence is being irresponsible

Dear Editor,
THE behaviour of stage managing crime for the sake of seeking sympathy for political expediency can no longer be regarded as a political issue but a security issue.
The loss of the infrastructure by UPND by and large is unfortunate but with the recent unfolding of the events makes a sad reading.
On Wednesday, Muchinga Province Commissioner of Police Engineer Joel Njase revealed that their preliminary investigations on the burnt down UPND offices suggests that it might be an act of internal dealings, which makes sad reading.
We wonder why the UPND sympathisers can burn their own offices and implicate the Patriotic Front. What is the motive of making a careless statement and conceal the truth that the offices were burnt at the hands of the UPND.
The habit of stage managing violence for the sake of publicity is an act of terror and sabotage and this comes barely a week after the UPND cadres damaged the PF office in Munali constituency.
Instead of showing remorse, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema (who has 14 years’ experience in losing Presidential elections) went with the horde of the members of the media fraternity to slander the PF and went further to incite civil disobedience.
This is irresponsible behaviour and makes the UPND a danger to itself as much as it is a danger to the nation. As a political party wishing to be given state power – the UPND – must be above board as such conduct endangers the security of the state.
We also urge the UPND to be honest and desist from glorifying their institutionalised hooliganism while at the same time throwing mad at the PF.
It is a fact that the UPND premises are manned by their own marshals (as they have shunned away from seeking for state security) there-fore it is inconceivable that an alien can invade their premises without any altercation.
Moreover, the UPND want at all costs to make this country ungovernable and take advantage of the fragmented nation for the sake of seeking the efforts of the international community to possibly push for a coalition government with the PF after President Lungu’s mandate is renewed for the second five-year term.
The UPND is desperate to create an artificial atmosphere upon which their petition the outcome of the polls. Moreover, their previous glo-rifying of civil unrests in other countries speaks volumes.
On the other hand, we urge the police to be vigilant and see to it that this newly hatched sabotage does not turn into a national issue. It will be regrettable for this stage managing criminal activities to reach to exponential levels to gain the equal prominence with the gassing.
Like any other criminal activity, we trust the police will do their job and bring the culprits behind the burning of the UPND office in Nakonde.
Youth Rights Activist,

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