Mutati launches new political party

FORMER Minister of Finance, Felix Mutati has unveiled a new party called the Movement for Democratic Change MDC and an interim leadership comprising six appointed officials.

Mr Mutati who served in both the MMD and the PF administrations formed the MDC as a break-away from the former division engulfed Movement for Multi-Party Democracy after losing the leadership contest in the Lusaka High Court to Dr. Nevers Mumba.
Speaking at the launch in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Mutati said the party has been launched under the premise that it is the only alternative party with a promise to deliver the much desired hope amongst Zambians.
Mr Mutati said the decision to form the party a few months before the 2021 polls follows wider consultation with the general citizenry who emphasised that they are fed up with the current political climate where the choice of parties presents a dilemma of choosing the best option.
He said the MDC will create best fiscal, economic and social policies and legislative environments tailored to support local development efforts without borrowing beyond capacity to repay.
And the MDC also unveiled its interim leadership namely; economist Trevor Simumba appointed as Chairperson for Finance, former Minister of National Development Planning Lucky Mulusa as Secretary General, former trade unionists and former ZCTU President Leonard Hikaumba as Vice President Politics among others.

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