This is the legacy of privatisation

Dear Editor,

  1. Hundreds of companies and state enterprises were sold for a song. Most of them were criminally under-valued.
  2. Thousands of Zambians lost their jobs. Many died of depression and stress. To date the orphans and widows are still bleeding.
  3. Most industries were closed, sending thousands of Zambians on the streets with nothing to survive on.
  4. The worst and most enduring devastating effect of privatisation is that Zambia surrendered its God-given natural resources into the hands of foreigners. To this very day, our minerals are being controlled and exploited by foreigners to the detriment of our people and our economy.
  5. Only the few who were “awake” when Zambians were “sleeping” enriched themselves from the privatisation process.
    It is President Edgar Lungu and the PF Government who are now trying to increase Zambia’s stake in the mines for the benefit of our peo-ple.
    It is under the PF Government that we are re-opening and opening new industries such as the Mununshi Banana Project, the Kawambwa Tea Project, The sugar plantations, the cashew nut projects, the tomato and fruit processing projects and many others in different parts of the country.
    Privatisation did us bad and its effects will linger on for many years to come. We lost the right to our own God given resources, we lost jobs, we lost lives and we lost industries.

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