CHANGE Mindset Zambia has predicted a low voter turnout in next year’s general elections if political violence continues.
The organisation’s executive Director Mr Geoffrey Musonda observed that people, especially women, were always scared to go to polling stations whenever violence was rampant.

Mr Musonda was speaking in an interview in Kitwe.
He has since advised the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to work with the civil society organizations to sensitise the public, especially political cadres on the dangers of violence.
“ Sensitisation is very important on this matter and we expect ECZ to commence meetings with other stakeholders to end this problem before it is too late,” he said.
Mr Musonda said ECZ was key to managing the problem, stating that relaxing would not do any good.
He however called on police to provide the much needed security before and during elections inorder to avoid violence from happening.
He said that arresting political violence culprits would send a strong warning to others stating that the trend would easily be done away with.
During the September parliamentary by election in Lukashya constituency, violence erupted as people were injured while a campaign vehicle was damaged at Shoprite, Kasama

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