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UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has been sued in the Livingstone High Court for allegedly grabbing land in Kalomo belonging to the deceased George Nsemani Hambwalula.

Mr Hichilema has been sued by Misheck Hambwalula, the son to the deceased.
It is believed that Mr Hichilema became aware of the land through his partner at Grant Thornton, Christopher Mulenga, who was liquidator of Lima Bank to which one of the three farms in dispute was mortgaged.
It is further believed that Mr. Hichilema allegedly forged the documents to portray that he had legally acquired the land when in fact not.
Mr Hichilema has even fenced the entire land including the grave for the late Mr. Hambwalula in the land in question and made the family of the deceased to be destitute.
But the plaintiff says Mr Hichilema grabbed the land, and he must therefore vacate farm 3275, farm 803 and farm 801 in Kalomo district.
The plaintiff said Mr Hichilema must also pay at a commercial rate for the use of farm 3275, farm 803 and farm 801 from the time he occupied them.
“The defendant, Mr Hichilema, pays damages to the plaintiff for the mental distress and anguish and loss of his eye as a result of the stroke caused by Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s insults. The defendant is not a bonafide purchaser for the value of the farm 803 and 3275, Kalomo. The defendant is a squatter and a trespasser and is illegally occupying farms 3275, 803 and 801.
“The defendant must also produce the contracts of sale or lease agreement and account for any money paid or due to the estate of George Nsema Hambwalula,” part of summons read.
The plaintiff, Mr Misheck Hambwalula has also demanded that Mr Hichilema removes caveats on farm 3275 and 803 and stops calling to insult him.
The Livingstone High Court has therefore commanded that within 21 days after the service of the writ of summons, Mr Hichilema must appear in court and in default the plaintiff may proceed therein, and judgement maybe given in his absence.
Meanwhile FDD president Edith Nawakwi has expressed shock over the conduct of Mr Hichilema on the alleged matter.
Ms Nawakwi said she is vindicated that Mr Hichilema had become rich because of allegedly engaging in fraudulent activities.
“When a man is greedy the way Hakainde is, there is no end to it. He grabs one farm after another, what is most shocking and devastating is that he seems to prey on the vulnerable,” she said.
The case of late Mr. Hambwalula, she said, in which the deceased worked hard in colonial time to acquire land from colonialists for the benefit of his sons and daughters and for Mr Hichilema to walk in and grab the properties of a deceased man must not be condoned.

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