‘MMD will form Govt again’

WE have a chance of coming back to form Government again because we know how to do it, New Hope MMD national secretary, Reverend Reuben Sambo has said.

Rev Sambo also said the MMD was ready to hold a national convention before the 2021 general elections.
He explained that the matter would have been put to rest in August this year had it not been for the Covid-19 pandemic.
Rev Sambo said the MMD was the most feared political party and a topical political organisation that one could not have a political discus-sion without mentioning it.
He said in an interview that the MMD has a chance of ruling the country again because its structures were still intact and could not easily be destroyed.
“Yes, we are the most feared political party because everybody knows our structures are intact. You can’t destroy our structures overnight and you can’t have a discussion without it,” he said.
Rev Sambo said the MMD has for the last 10 months been preparing for the coming general elections and tested its preparedness by par-ticipating in the recently held Lukashya by-elections.
He said the party had so far been to five provinces to ensure that structures from branch to the provin-cial level were up and running and would soon be inspecting structures in the remaining five provinces.

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