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A UPND militia led by some former policemen is suspected to be behind the adduction, severe assault and disarming of two police officers who were deployed to provide smooth passage of Hakainde Hichilema at Mununga area in Lavushimanda.

According to Minister of Home Affairs the militia group is also planning to blow up the recent procured Government’s anti-riot motor vehicles using explosives to incapacitate the police service.
Mr Kampyongo said the over 30 UPND militia group comprising former police officers hired as body guards for the opposition leader attacked, abducted and disarmed two police officers of an AK47 rifle with six rounds of ammunition and four teargas canisters.
Mr Kampyongo has therefore directed the police to speed up investigations into the matter where the UPND militia group in the company of their party leader Hakainde Hichilema recently also assaulted innocent citizens in Muchinga Province.
He said the two officers who were badly beaten using a hammer, an axe, matchet and fists were bundled into a white Toyota Hilux double cab whose occupants included UPND Member of Parliament for Sesheke constituency.
Mr Kampyongo said the firearm was handed back to the officers after they were dropped between Lukulu and Finkuli area over 20 kilometres from where they had been abducted from.
“The over 30 UPND militia group went away with the six rounds of ammunition and four teargas canisters,” he said.
In addition to the other seven casualties recorded, he said, the UPND militia group also stole various items belonging to innocent citizens valued at approximately K10, 000.
Meanwhile, Mr Kampyongo has disclosed that a known opposition political party in Zambia has solicited funds from the international community to cause anarchy in the country.
He said Government had information of a political party leader who was in East Africa to source for funds to carry out criminal activities in the country, but warned that his days were numbered as the State security was on top of things.
Mr Kampyongo said Government was monitoring him and would not tolerate any form of violence from his party or indeed any political party.
“One political leader was in East Africa to solicit for funds for his party’s illegal activities to destabilise the country but we will not allow it. We shall not allow individuals to destabilise the country because of a few coins,” he said.
The minister said one of the illegal activities lined up by a political grouping was to blow up recent procured Government’s anti-riot motor vehicles using explosives.
“The source for the explosive is already established and the culprits are also known,” he said. The Minister however said the suspects scheming to damage the newly procured equipment were being monitored and very soon they will be brought to book.
He however assured Zambians that Government would continue investing in the security of the country to ensure the citizens were protected and safe all the time.
He reiterated that elections were not a new phenomenon to Zambians who have always endeavoured to remain peaceful.
Mr Kampyongo reminded the opposition political leaders to revive their role of offering checks and balances to the ruling party and not to install fear in citizens.
The Minister has also appealed to the people of Muchinga to remain calm and not seek vengeance as the Government was doing everything possible to bring to book the culprits

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