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Consultant bashes ‘alarmist’ EIZ

THE continued negative and alarming talk against Lusaka’s Society Business Park by the Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) proves that the organisation has a hidden agenda, says independent engineer, Henry Musonda.

Mr Musonda of Killian Musonda and Associates was contracted to investigate the cracks that developed on the imposing building in the heart of Lusaka.
This follows an announcement by EIZ that it would appoint independent consultants to conduct investigations into concerns about the strength of Society Business Park.
Last week, Mr Musonda assured that Society Business Park was safe to trade in as the strength of the columns which were affected was being doubled and works were at 74 percent completion.
EIZ officials during a courtesy call on President Edgar Lungu at State House last week, stated that 1, 200 out the 1, 600 columns of Business Park had developed cracks.
The claims prompted the Head of State to declare the building “a death trap.”
Mr Musonda has welcomed the decision by EIZ to appoint independent consultants to conduct investigations to ascertain the strength of Society Business Park.
He said just as he had assured earlier, an expert audit was conducted on the strength of the building and it was found safe.
Mr Musonda wondered why EIZ was giving false and alarming statements when an audit report was accepted by the original designers of the building, NAPSA and was also submitted to State House.
“EIZ should tone down and stop making alarming statements without providing an expert report. We are very confident that a thorough job was done so they can bring their own consultants and verify,” said Mr Musonda in an interview.
He said he had over 35 years’ experience in the industry and had worked on bigger projects than Society Business Park.

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