‘Enemies within PF must reconcile’

ALL enemies within the Patriotic Front should be reconciled so that the party can face the 2021 elections with a united front, a PF official Lemmy Bwalya has advised.

Mr Bwalya said the party should quickly look into issues causing divisions in Mandevu constituency and correct the situation because that was the area which would give the party more votes.
He said in an interview that there was need to allow mature and genuine members of party positions to start working and mobilise for 2021.
Mr Bwalya urged PF Secretary General, Davies Mwila, to begin monitoring how PF MPs and ministers were performing in their respective areas.
He said there was need for unity in PF now more than ever and that unnecessary divisions should not be allowed.
“It’s high time the party moved together, more especially the Secretary General with MPs. This includes members who at some points were seen to be at loggerhead, that will do away the perceived differences among our party officials and eventually, it will trickle down to the lower party organs,” he said.
And Mr Bwalya said it would be ‘insane’ for anyone to claim that PF had done nothing, while all citizens were able to witness unprecedented development since 2011.
“Let me be haste to state that, the massive developments we’re seeing are attributed to good governance system and best leadership,” he said.
Mr Bwalya said because of massive development witnessed, claims by that opposition political parties that they would form Government next year would remain a daydream.

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