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Minister warns against media attacks

WE shall arrest unruly individuals who have a tendency to attack the media. No one will be let scot free because this is unacceptable, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has warned.

Mr Kampyongo said his ministry was collaborating with the Ministry of Information in order to create a conducive environment for media practitioners.
“We want to make sure that we create an environment where the media practitioners are protected from these unruly people,” he said.
The minister said in Parliament yesterday, “To those who have been attacking radio stations, we will ensure that no one will be let scot free. It is too much that people have a tendency of attacking people who are in these media houses,” the minister said.
And Minister of Information and Broadcasting Dora Siliya said it is very important to correct some misinformation, stating that media management in Zambia was supported by laws and these laws were enacted in Parliament.
“So for some section of society to accuse the minister of closing a media house is very unfortunate because laws are applied when a media house goes against them,” Ms Siliya said.

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