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Respect judiciary, politicians told

POLITICIANS should respect the independence of the judiciary and refrain from dragging Judges into politics, students in Zambia have said.

National students’ committee coordinator, Ibrahim Mwamba, advised political stakeholders to respect the judiciary and refrain from casting aspersions on its credibility.
He was reacting to some individuals who claimed NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili was not given a fair trial and that his conviction was politically motivated.
“As students our appeal to the politicians and other organization with the habit of dragging the Judiciary into politics is that they should stop it immediately.
“It is disappointing that some disgruntled people and political parties have accused the Government and judiciary of being behind the conviction of Mr Kambwili when the latter committed crimes which is very wrong because Zambia remains professional in dealing with judiciary matters,” he said.
He said politicians should not commit crimes and hope to get away with it because the law was blind.
He Mr Kambwili was not above the law and that politicians should stop casting aspersions on the judiciary

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