UPND urges members to register as voters

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) in Southern Province has urged the electorate in the region to turn in numbers to and register as voter.

This follows the announcement by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) that voter registration will start on October 28, this year.
UPND Southern Province deputy spokesperson, Neto Halwabala, said members should take advantage of the period to register as voters so that they could turn in masse to cast their votes in next year’s general election.
He said that the ECZ) had insisted that old voter register was no longer valid, hence the need for members to register in large numbers.
“We are aware that PF and ECZ’s main political strategy is to disenfranchise many citizens in our country,” Mr Halwabala said.
Mr Halwabala said the decision to encourage people to turn out in numbers had come through after realising that the citizens needed voter education. Mr Halwabala said that the power was in the hands of the people of Zambia.
“We therefore, urge those who value democracy, peace, unity, love and sustainable economic development to register as voters,” he said.

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