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Bill 10 sparked divisions – Green Party

THE just failed Constitutional Bill number 10 of 2019 caused acrimony and divisions among Zambian citizens, Green Party President Peter Sinkamba has said.

Mr Sinkamba said in Kitwe yesterday that the Bill was acrimonious as evidenced from the hostility amongst the people.
He added that the Bill divided the Church, traditional leadership and fuelled tribalism at the time when Zambians needed unity in the constitution-making process.
Mr Sinkamba, who expressed happiness that the bill had finally been put to rest, observed that precious time and resources were wasted on the Bill instead of attending to pressing issues such as the impact of Covid-19.
“We are happy because the Bill was toxic chalice, acrimonious, and a serious liability on the economy.
“It was toxic chalice because it poisoned minds of some party cadres whereby some resorted to violence and shedding blood,” he said.
The opposition leader noted that the regionalism that it brought was complete anathema and added that it was now time to promote national unity, peace and love.

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