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HH acted irresponsibly on Bill 10 – Namulambe

IT was irresponsible for the United Party for National Development (UPND) leader to quarantine Members of Parliament (MPs) at his house so that they don’t take part in voting for Bill 10, says former UPND chairperson for labour, Gabriel Namulambe.

And Mr Namulambe says the behaviour of Mr Hakainde Hichilema shows how scared he was because not all his MPs believe in whatever he directs them to do, the reason why he had to quarantine them at his house.
He stated in an interview that Mr Hichilema knew that if he had allowed the UPND MPs to be present in parliament during the voting process, they would have applied their conscientiousness to vote for Bill 10.
“The failure to pass Bill 10 by parliament should not make UPND celebrate because what the UPND leader did to quarantine MPs at his house whereby they were wining and drinking, that is very irresponsible behaviour,” he said.
Mr Namulambe wondered how the UPND would be able to handle national issues of great concern if they could chicken out of issues at parliament level.
He said the UPND should realise that their irresponsible behaviour would cost them heavily in the 2021 general elections because their action has stamped on the rights of Zambians whom they claim to be speaking for.
The former UPND chairperson for labour said because of the selfish move taken by Mr Hichilema, Chiefs who would have been recognized in the constitution would remain unrecognized.
Mr Namulambe further said the UPND leader has also robbed the women, youths and disabled rights to represent the people in parliament.
He has challenged the UPND leader to invite the chiefs they have denied recognition, youths, disabled and women denied representation to dine and wine with them the same way he did with the MPs.
Mr Namulambe said, “failure to which I would request the people who have been denied development and representation to reject them through the ballot in 2021”.
“Why don’t they get all the people of Ndola rural who should have benefited from the delimitation of constituencies and say to them you don’t deserve development through increased constituency development fund, why don’t they invite them to dine and wine with them.
“I challenge the UPND that if they mean well for those Zambians that they claim they are representing, let them call all those that I have mentioned and dine and wine with them,” he said.

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