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MUNALI Secondary School has been given back land which was taken from it through fraudulent means.
Lusaka Town Clerk Alex Mwansa said that the land saga had been settled.

He said in an interview that those whose ‘‘illegal’’ land had been repossessed did not complain.
“The land issue has been settled and the land in question has been given back to government which is Munali Secondary School and so far no one has complained, “he said.
Unknown people encroached on land belonging to the Secondary school and built structures.
However early this year, government ordered the demolition of all structures built on land belonging to the school in Lusaka.
This followed investigations which had revealed that the structures were illegally built on land belonging to the school.
Local Government minister, Charles Banda had said then that the Ministry of Lands was tasked to investigate how the title deeds were issued.
Dr Banda told journalists that the land in question belonged to the Ministry of General Education and wondered how it was given out.
The matter was then taken up by Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo who said the illegalities in Lusaka must end and warned that the demolitions would continue.
Mr Lusambo warned that the exercise was going to be extended to other schools whose land have been encroached.

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