Dear Editor,
WE find it extremely shocking an gross hypocritical for Mr Chishimba Kambwili, the apparent running mate to UPND president Hakahinde Hichilema in which he claimed President Lungu insulted as he took a swipe at the armchair critics of developmental projects.

Although it was not attractive for Mr Kambwili to condemn his boss for the use of x-rated language to the large audience in Kasama’s Lukashya constituency, we felt he missed the opportunity to redeem his impartiality toward national values.
With all fairness, Mr Kambwili has no moral right to misconstrue President Lungu’s idiomatic expression and description of those doubting developmental projects.
How else would President Lungu figuratively define the serial critics of his self-evident developmental projects?
Firstly, we find it difficult to understand how Mr Kambwili did not condemn the insults by Mr Hichilema at a public rally in Lukashya yet he takes pleasure at misinterpreting the counsel given by the President.
Mr Kambwili is on record as using demeaning comments against the President and has made unfounded accusations which are meant to lower the estimation of the Presidency.
Going by his silence over Mr Hichilema’s misconduct in Lukashya, it is evident that Mr Kambwili is not morally fit and competent to misinterpret President Lungu’s timely response to the critics. This is typically selective as well as a double-tongued approach to national matters.
Mr Kambwili has a number of encounters were he has demeaned a number of people in public. At some point, when he was privileged to be minister, he was on camera threatening a young journalist and he had no regard for his undignified behaviour.
During his trial, a journalist from the Daily Nation newspaper and a female prosecutor were not spared from the hooliganism of his agents. His behaviour has never been that of an honourable person.
We therefore take exception that President Lungu can be the subject of unwarranted criticism when his timely counsel ought to be taken seriously by Mr Kambwili and his unholy alliance.
Youth Rights Activist,
Information is power

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