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INTENTIONS by some sections of society to challenge the eligibility of President Edgar Lungu after nominations for the 2021 general elections is likely to create constitutional problems, Green Party president Peter Sinkamba has observed.

Mr Sinkamba urged the Constitutional Court to use “judicial activism” and explain the judgement in simple language for everyone to understand. He was speaking in Kitwe yesterday
He advised the people who took the case to court to go back and seek a clear interpretation about President Lungu’s eligibility.
“We are worried as a party because this issue may bring major problems in the country which is just as controversial as Bill number 10. The constitution court should move on its own and explain without using legal jargon because as it stands, even lawyers themselves did not understand the judgment,” he said.
He accused the Constitutional Court of not doing justice when it presided over the eligibility case initiated by private citizens.
Mr Sinkamba said going controversial on the matter would not help the nation in any way, stating that the constitutional court should be prompted to simplify their judgement.
He explained that failure to pick lessons from the past on the constitution-making process was depriving the country to have a constitution that spoke to the needs of the people.

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