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PRESIDENT Edgar is saddened that engineers have continued to be unprofessional when executing their duties.

And the Head of State has directed the Minister of Finance to release funds in order to erect drainages in Kanyama area in Lusaka in order to eradicate flooding during this rain season.
President Lungu directed the engineers in the country to be professional each time were given to look after projects of nation interest.
He said yesterday when Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe informed him that engineers failed to facilitate for drainages in newly constructed roads in Kanyama area.
Mr Kabwe said lack of drainages in the area had caused flooding during rain seasons and resulting in many houses and road infrastructure being submerged.
“The engineers had failed us, last rainy season we faced a lot of challenges when roads were submerged and we had to start pumping out water in order to protect the infrastructure,” Mr Kabwe said.
The DMMU National Coordinator said this process was costly and wanted to ensure that the trend did not happen this year.
But President Lungu said it was important that the engineers put seriousness especially when executing works of national in-terest.
“At least it’s not me who is complaining about the engineers but it is the DMMU National Coordinator and the Local Govern-ment. But I want to tell them that they need to be professional,” he said.
Meanwhile President Lungu said he would ensure that the Minister of Finance Bwalya Ng’andu released funds for the con-struction of drainages in the area.
He said there was need to find a lasting solution to the flooding which had been occurring yearly in the area instead of coming up with seasonal intervations.
“Kanyama is built on rocks so with the first rains it causes chaos and we need to work on this matter. It will cost us money but we just need to do it,” Mr Lungu said.

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