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ZAMBIANS are not dull for them to rise against the government just to satisfy the interest of heartless leaders, a senior Patriotic Front official has said.

PF Eastern Province chairperson Andrew Lubusha said in an interview that Zambians would never entertain evil that can bring chaos in the country.
Mr Lubusha was reacting to sentiments by UPND sympathiser Ackson Sejani, a former Local Government Minister in the MMD regime who called on Zambians to aise against what he called as President Edgar Lungu’s third term.
But Mr Lubusha said Zambians cannot be swayed by such suggestions because they want to maintain peace at all costs.
He said it was absurd for some individuals to tell Zambians to engage in evil acts which would not yield any tangible results in their lives.
He said the third term issue which was being debated by some section of society was not here nor there because President Lungu had not been in office for two terms.
“You know I think Mr Sejani is very tired and he must now resign from active politics. Some time back he declared that he has retired but we don’t know what has brought him back and start telling people to dwell in evil acts.
“It is very sad what is coming from a senior citizen and a statesman. People are talking about a third term which does not exist.
Mr Lubusha said the talk about a third term simply showed that the UPND was in panic mode.

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