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Fuel situation stable, says Energy minister

By KETRA KALUNGA in Siavonga
THE fuel situation in the country is very stable and operations at Indeni Oil Refinery are up and running, says Energy Minster, Matthew Nkhuwa.

Mr. Nkhuwa said the country has enough fuel in stock following increased stock days from one to five days.
Mr Nkhuwa was speaking to journalists in an interview during the tour of the Kariba North Bank Power Station in Siavonga with five provincial ministers.
He said that at some point the country had very little fuel stock of about a day in the tanks but it has improved and soon would reach the minimum 15 days.
“The fuel situation is very stable I can assure you, we have enough fuel stock coming in and our stock days are improving, at one time in our tanks we had very little stock like one day,” he said.
And Mr. Nkhuwa said his ministry is impressed with Zesco operations at the three power generation plants, Kafue Gorge Upper and Lower and Kariba North Bank Power stations.
He said Zesco has potential to generate power at full capacity at the Kariba North Bank Station but the only challenge was the water levels to generate power.

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