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Roan MP demands return of 15 miners from forced leave

THE 15 miners at MCC Mines in Luanshya who were sent on an indefinite leave last March have not been recalled despite President Edgar Lungu having announced that everything should return back to normal a few months ago, NDC Roan Member of Parliament Joseph Chishala has said.

Mr Chishala wondered why the mining company had not called back the employees eight months since they were sent on forced leave when almost every company was operating “under normal” since the Covid-19 measures were lessened.
He said the employees are denied housing allowance and had been surviving on the basic pay for eight months now which was not enough.
“Let the MCC Mines in Luanshya call back these employees who were sent on an indefinite forced leave by the mine on the 29th March 2020.
“A few months ago the President gave a guidance in parliament through his speech that everything should return back to normal in work places, but it’s shocking to why the management at the Chinese firm decided to give the Presidential directive a deaf ear,” Mr Chishala said.
He also urged the Ministry of Labour to immediately visit the mine and sort out this issue.

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