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UPND MPs have betrayed us – Chief Luchembe

THE UPND leadership has betrayed chiefs for shooting down Bill 10 which sought to resolve traditional issues, Chief Luchembe of Mpika has said.

Chief Luchembe has, therefore, proposed that there is need to come up with a law to discipline Members of Parliament abscond Parliament sessions which are of national interest.
Chief Luchembe said traditional leaders had been facing numerous challenges especially over succession which Bill 10 was supposed to address but selfish UPND MPs decided to shoot it down just to satisfy their master.
He said in an interview yesterday that what the UPND MPs did would work to their disadvantage come the 2021 general elections.
The traditional leader said he and other traditional leaders would support the ruling Patriotic Front which had the interest of people at heart and not betrayers.
Chief Luchembe said the UPND would have nothing to tell the traditional leaders and other Zambians.
“Our representatives in the house decided to be selfish and not looking into the larger picture of the nation. There were so many progressive clauses for instance today when you walk around you will see that the chiefdoms are facing a lot of troubles and squabbles.
“And Bill 10 would have helped us resolve issues but with its collapse we shall remain as we are and we shall see many dying because of wrangles in the chiefdoms,” he said.
The traditional leader said he would not be ashamed to support the ruling party because the opposition had disappointed the chiefs.
Chief Luchembe said the collapse of Bill 10 means that there would be no delimitation exercise and vast constituencies such as Kachibiya would be disadvantaged in terms of development.

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