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POLITICS should be about exchanging ideas on how to better the lives of the people and not a platform to fan tribalism in the country, Paramount Chief Chitimukulu has advised politicians.

He said the tribalism in the country was as a result of some people not thinking properly.
The Chitimukulu said politicians who were propagating tribalism are those who have failed to convince Zambian to vote for them and now had resorted to tribal politics to remain relevant.
He said the chiefs in the country would want the unity that exist among them replicated to their subjects so that the country can continue to enjoy the peace and harmony it has known since independence.
Mwinelubemba also observed that there was no reason for chiefs not to unite and live in harmony considering that their subjects were intermarrying and living in peace.
He also said there was need to use intermarriages as a catalyst to unite the country under the one Zambia, one nation arrangement.
“It’s not strange to find a Mumba Phiri, Hamumba Mulenga, a sign that Zambians are united as one people, and this should continue so that the people of Zambia can continue living as one ” he said.
Chitimukulu said because there were some politician who wanted to cause divisions among the citizens for political reasons, the country was somehow divided but reiterated that there was still room to end tribal talk.
“In 2002, I had the courage to say if our subjects are intermarrying why can’t we the chiefs also unite, I know of the people who used to say Tongas hate you but that should not be the case” he said.
Chitimukulu recalled that in the same year chiefs from across the country met to show solidarity to one another and that from that time, the traditional leaders have lived as brothers and sisters.

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