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Salary increments loom

... As ZCTU warns against disgruntled politicians

ONGOING talks between Government and public service unions on salary increments should not be hijacked by disgruntled politicians, the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has said.

ZCTU secretary-general, Cosmas Mukuka, who confirmed that talks had begun and going on well urged civil servants to be calm as they wait for the outcome.
Mr Mukuka said the talks were happening at a crucial time when the country was struggling with finances.
He urged public workers not to be swayed by disgruntled individuals into politicising the ongoing salary increment talks.
Mr Mukuka warned that once the negotiations were hijacked by political elements, they would not produce the desired results.
He said civil servants should be on the lookout for politicians who might want to take advantage of the talks and destabilize everything.
Mr Mukuka called on politicians to keep off the talks so that nothing disturbed the desired outcome.
“We don’t expect people to be used to politicise the ongoing talks. They should really guard against this and be calm as they

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