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Social media won’t decide Lungu’s eligibility

IT is pointless to discuss President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility to stand in 2021 on social media platforms when the court already made a decision, says PF chief administrator in charge of social media Erasmus Mukondo.

Mr Mukondo said in an interview that some individuals especially from the opposition have taken to social media to discuss President Lungu’s eligibility.
He said the Constitutional Court made the final decision regarding the matter hence it is irrelevant that some individuals have taken the matter to social media.
Mr Mukondo explained that discussing the matter on social media and other media is undermining the courts of law because judgement was clearly made by learned judges.
He warned the opposition to desist from making statements that can mislead the general public over eligibility.
“Some people have become social media lawyers and are busy discussing the eligibility of the President for 2021 general elections when the matter was settled by the Constitutional Court.”
And Mr Mukondo has urged Zambians to turn out in numbers and register as voters.
He said that citizens should register as voters so that come 2021 they would exercise their rights as voting is the only way people can choose their candidates or their preferences to represent them.

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