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...let’s avoid the noise on our economy - Mutati

WE need to rejuvenate trust between the bondholders and government as well as minimize the damage to the reputation of the country caused by careless sentiments, Movement for Democratic Change MDC President Felix Mutati has advised.

Commenting on the rejection of Zambia’s request to for relief on the repayment of interest to bond holders, Mr Mutati said the outcome of the conversation between government and the bond holders last Friday is a sad development.
Mr Mutati said going forward, there is need for the government to ensure that the bond holders and other creditors do not walk away from the table of engagement.
“We have to keep the engagement going with the bond holders. The outcome last Friday is a very sad development but we need to rejuvenate trust with the bondholders” Mr Mutati said.
He further said the negative sentiments by stakeholders around the country’s economy was eroding the confidence of the creditors.
“We are making too much noises that are eroding the confidence of creditors. Whatever the scenario, we shall have to pay but we must not do so because we are boxed in,” he said.
Mr Mutati said the payment to creditors must hence be made as part of the strategy to deal with issues around debt sustainability so that the country does not lose credibility.

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