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655 million tonnes copper produced in 9 months

ABOUT 655, 745, 106 tons of copper has been produced from January to September this year compared to 597, 088, 017 which was produced last year during the same period.

Minister of Mines and Mineral Development Richard Musukwa said from the 655, 745, 106 tons, 646, 111.25 tons was produced by larger mining companies this year compared to 590, 321.13 produced last year.
The minister said the production represented an increase of 55, 790.12 tons.
Mr Musukwa told journalists in Lusaka yesterday, the increase was due to the increased output by NFCA, Kansanshi I, Lumwana and Kalumbila. He also said from the 655, 745, 106 tons produced, small-scale mines produced about 9, 633. 856 tons of copper this year compared to 6, 761, 887 produced last year.
Mr Musukwa said this represented an increase of 2, 871. 969 tons.
“The increase in processing capacity by the small scale processing plant in third quarter of 2020 as compared that of 2019 was as a result of stabilised power supply to the plants and importation of copper ore from Congo,” he said.
Meanwhile, the minister said “Gold production by Kansanshi Mining Company stood at 2, 717.1 kilograms compared to 2, 920.29 kilograms produced last year.
ZCCM-IH produced 54.8886 kilograms at Kasenseli, he said, most of which was produced in August and September this year.
“Cobalt production was 215.22 tons compared to 296.26 tons produced last year. The decline in production can be attributed to operational challenges at KCM.
Nickel production was 4, 522.33 tons compared to 1, 641.06 tons produced last year. The increase in production can be attributed to the ramping up of production at Mabiza Resources,” he said.
Mr Musukwa also said the country recorded manganese production of 27, 790 tons this year compared to 13, 652 tons last year.
He said that the increase in production was due to compliance in terms of reporting by the small-scale manganese producers.

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