We need Govt support – UPND MP

NO Member of Parliament should cheat people that they can develop a constituency without Government support, Teddy Kasonso has said.

Mr Kasonso, who is UPND Solwezi West MP, said it was not necessary for UPND MPs to sit idle and ignore the Government due to partisan politics because they would deny people the much-needed development.
He was speaking during the handing over a classroom block at Nkulumazhiba community school in Kalumbila.
The classroom block was constructed by Kalumbila Town Council under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).
Mr Kasonso said opposition MPs should be bold enough to tell the electorate that even the CDF administered through Ward Development Committees is from the Government to develop communities.
He said that he had decided to put partisan politics aside in favour of taking development to the area.
“CDF is Government money allocated to an MP and it is administered by the council which is a Government institution. So no one should cheat you that it’s private money. There is no private money that goes into the council; it is Government money,” he said.
He said politicians including civic leaders should be taken to task and queries about the CDF which was meant to develop constituencies.
Mr Kasonso said the council was an extension of Government and its decisions were authorized by the Minister of Local Government.
He charged that it was misleading for a UPND councillor in Kalumbila who recently claimed that funds allocated by the council on a local project was private money.

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